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Up-Lighting for your Metro Detroit Wedding

LED uplighting, Detroit wedding lighting

LED up-lighting and Mac 250’s at Wayne Tree Manor in 2013


Detroit Wedding Uplighting

LED up-lights for a Purple & Turquoise Wedding at Wayne Tree Manor in 2013


One of the most effective ways to make your venue really “pop” is to color the walls with LED up-lights.  Traditional par-can up-lights used colored gels which were placed over the lamp to create color.  By using LED up-lights, we eliminate the need for gels, and are able to offer each bride a huge color palate of vibrant colors to choose from.  The best part is, we can change the colors instantly with our lighting controller!  That way, you can create one look for dinner, and then transform the room instantly for dancing.


HighNote Production offers brides the highest quality lighting for their wedding.  We know that every wedding is unique, which is why we put together a custom wedding lighting package for each of our clients.  We will meet with the bride at her venue and create a wedding lighting package that will not only wow her guests, it will also fit her budget.  HighNote Production can put together lighting packages for any size wedding.  Custom monograms, LED up-lights and moving-head lights are just the tip of the iceberg.  We also offer backdrops, stages, risers for head-tables, sound systems, truss structures, and more!

The pictures above show one of our wedding lighting packages for a wedding at Wayne Tree Manor in 2013.  The pictures below are of a wedding lighting package we put together at the Colony Club in 2013.


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